The Skin Treatments of Shahr

A Facial is more than meets the Eye. The experience of a facial involves stimulating the skin, the body’s largest organ. Proper skin treatment regulates the immune system, aids in detoxification of the body and reduces the amount of fluid that the body accumulates. By stimulating the muscles in the face it relaxes the muscles, thereby increases the blood circulation and drains the lymphatic system. This process alone slows the onset of wrinkles in the face and reduces the puffiness experience with age.

As apart of Shahr’s experience, we offer an escape from the urban jungle to relax the physical body while nurturing the internal soul. Using the latest technology in European skin treatment including ultrasound machine, diamond peel, a micro current machine, etc., our certified and experienced esthetician strips away years of undesired signs of aging. The oasis of the wellness center provides the perfect union of internal bliss and external beauty. Finally the two worlds connect in harmony.

All Products used are ALL 100% Organic and Non Chemical

Skin Treatments

  • High Frequency Electrotherapy: Great for: Dry/mature skin; Inflamed acneic skin; oily skin.

    Customized facials utilizing electrical currents that work in harmony with the body to gently and effectively "re-educate" the muscles and improve metabolism. It helps to strengthen, firm and tone slack, sagging muscles. Increases the supply of vital nutrients to the muscle tissue and individual muscle fibers improving the tone and quality of the skin. Kills bacteria underneath the epidermis to reduce acne-break-outs, redness and swelling.

    75 mins for $130.00
  • Purifying Facial: Great for Oily, Acne and Hyper-pigmentation skin

    Key Ingredients: Green Tea • Tumeric • Witch Hazel Especially beneficial in removal of aged surfaced skin. Reduces pore size and soothes inflammation. Natural Ingredients controls acne breakout, melanin formation and reduces black spots and age spots. Deep pore cleansing assist in removal of blackheads. Purifying mask enables removal of toxins.

    60 mins for $100.00
  • Age Defying Hydrating Facial: Great for: Excessively dry, rough, thin, mature or prematurely aging skin

    Key Ingredients: Birch bark • Aloe Vera • Rice Peptide Proteins • Allantoin Diminishes Fine Lines • Improves skin tone and elasticity. Restores healthier barrier functions and softer textures. Skin will feel firmer, younger and more radiant. Restores skin to a calm, strong, healthy state. Special pressure point massage to stimulate circulation, includes aromatherapy , collagen building mask and moisturizer.

    60 minutes - $100.00
  • Ultimate Rejuvenation Facial : Great for Any skin type

    Key Ingredients: Honey Extract • Rose Flower Extract • Cocoa Antioxidants exfoliate and condition skin. Stimulates collagen formation, plumps skin, increases circulation and wards off visible signs of aging. Reduces inflammation and wound healing time. Enhances cellular metabolism, detoxifies and accelerates repair of damaged cells. Increases hydration and lipid content. Massage decreases anxiety, stress or pain Includes an ADD ON service of herbal eye compress, lip therapy, hand and foot exfoliation with massage

    90 minutes - $140.00
  • Back Facial: Great for: Reducing, decreasing breakouts on your back

    Key Ingredients: Crushed Walnut • Marshmellow • Honey • Avocado What an incredible way to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and soften skin with steam and this happens to your back. What a great way to get ready for the spring and summer. Customized back facials are similar to hydrating facials but performed solely on your back. Comes with a therapeutic massage. Use of essential oils ease stress, tension, anxiety and nausea. The end result is health flawless skin on your back.

    45 Minutes - $70.00
  • Sensitive Skin Facial: Great for Stressed, Fragile, Sensitized or Debilitated Skin. Also skin that may be reacting from medications including treatment from radiation and chemotherapy.

    Key Ingredients: Rose Hip Fruit Oil • Honeysuckle Flower Extract • Aloe Vera • Squalane Revitalize, Strengthen and Repair Damaged Skin. Soothes, Rejuvenates and Brightens dull dehydrated skin. Aids in relaxation and strengthening of damaged, compromised or inflamed skin. Oncology massage and lymphatic drainage techniques designed to decrease any pain, anxiety or dis-ease. The oncology massage is necessary to help in detoxifying skin, strengthening immune system, providing oxygen to cells thereby creating radiant, youthful beautiful skin.

    60 minutes - $100.00
  • European Facial

    Includes: Cleansing with Clerasonic Brush, Facial Scrub, herbal steaming, facial massage, pore minimizing and face lifting mad mask, mineral hydration for your skin.

    60 minutes for $100

Available Add-ons to Skin Treatments

These are additional services that can be added to any facial treatment or can be it's own individual service.

  • Eye Treatment: Reduces puffiness, fine lines and dark circles

    Key Ingredients: Arnica • Green Tea • Grape seed • Tumeric The ulitmate Eye Treatment. Phytocollagen and binding ingredients restore natural moisture. Natural oils stimulates circulation. Accupressure applied to various pressure points to detoxify facial muscles and reduce inflammation, puffiness.

    Add-On $15.00
    Ind. $25.00
  • Exotic Foot Treatment: (using papaben alternatives)

    Key Ingredients: Arnica • Palm • Jojoba • organic Coconut Oils • Shea butter • Vitamin E and Essential Oils A creamy yet light-weight organic exfoliating gel that removes dead skin cells and hydrates at the same time. Herbal booties provided for warmth with a special touch of soothing aromas. Rich moisturizers leaves skin soft and supple.

    Add-On $20.00
    Ind. 45 minutes $50.00
  • Hydrating Hand Massage: (for younger looking hands)

    Key Ingredients: Licorice Roots (which helps reverse signs of aging)• Vitamin A, C and E Revitalize, refine and repair skin cells with this advanced hand treatment. An effervescent cleansing, light-weight exfoliant and intense moisturizer immersed in warm herbal mitts to soothe, soften and detoxify skin.

    Add-On $15.00
    Ind. 30 minutes $40.00

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