Meditations at Shahr


Meditations with Grace

This is a guided meditation in a circle of healing, where you allow your inner self to guide you in your present moment as an observer to release the obstacles that are standing in the way of the magic of the New Year.

The understanding of how to expand your heart, is the golden key that opens the door to your soul gifts and your true journey,

From this heart connected space you are invited to ask a question or share your experience as a being of free-will, you will receive the spiritual understanding of the healing, expanding your wisdom and your energetic frequency. You take home peace, enlightenment and joy; opening up your week to miracles.

The meditation goes from 12pm-to 1:00pm , donation of $12.00 or class package

Sacred Geometry Activation With Michael Liss

An ageless Meditation from the sacred grounds of Bali

Each week there is a specific meditation based on the Holograms of Astrea Sri Ana.  As you work with each activation and Divine Template for your own healing and transformation, you allow for the restoration to divinity for all humanity and to allow the ascension of planet earth. The Templates, or Holograms, are anchored to Gaia’s grids as the Universal Laws upon which the New World will be founded, these principles are justice, love, fairness, freedom, equality, honour, communication, sharing and fortuitous connection with all elements, all realms.